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Domestic Services

This products is primarily aimed at the banking credit card telecommunication retail insurance sectors The product is built to handle high volumes of documents required to be distributed within the All city at a fixed TAT The product apart from handling this basic need can also provide supportive MIS ( Management Information System ) in the following categories:

  1. Address change and landmark additions
  2. Current client status
  3. Growth patterns
  4. Pin code corrections
  5. Rerun patterns

The products can provide all the above MIS (Management Information System) and more as per client requirement on a daily basis through email for analysis at the client end or a complete analyzed report at the end of the cycle for a joint review The product can cater to a one time distribution need or for a pre-determined monthly distribution schedule The recurring model would best the benefit client as a result of the learning curve effect which sets into the system.

The domestic package of services is designed for the customer's time-sensitive needs.

  • We handle deliveries in express and cargo mode in India.
  • Bulk documents such as mobile or insurance bills, bank statements and annual general reports.
  • Pamphlets, direct mailers, invitation cards and so on.
  • Dispatch of mass and bulk mailer to pan-India locations.
  • Fast and accurate processing and delivery.
  • Instant booking using bar-coded stickers along with address labels.